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Bridesmaid's Bouquets and Wedding Rings


Welcome to my wedding page. Please feel free to contact me about you wedding. I photograph weddings in a Documentary Style so if this is what you like then I am a great match for your wedding day..

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I offer a digital images only package, (no album). You will receive all your edited images on a USB flash drive in a gorgeous wooden box. We will recommend a fantastic album design company for you if you wish to buy an album at a later date. You can just upload all your favourite photos from your day to them and you will get a gorgeous wedding book to your style.

                         Half day rate is 4 hours at £950

                         Full day rate is 8 hours at £1550. 

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Photo-Journalistic Style

My style of wedding photography is a relaxed unobtrusive style of shooting a wedding. I don't photograph many group shots, although I do smaller groups that naturally congregate together while chatting before the reception. I do a number of Bride & Groom shots and then I just photograph the day as it unfolds, a bit like being a guest, but with a fantastic eye for documenting your wedding day.

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