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Interior Design

Art Supply For Interior Designers

Not only am I a photographer, but I am a designer too. So I am best placed to work with other designers to help furnish the walls of properties designed for showing at their best. I have supplied and sold my artwork all over the world and I am able to offer my services to you. From traditional framed art to canvas wraps, metal and acrylic floating prints of landscapes and abstract art. The great thing is I can custom design an artwork and change the colours of art to fit with the colour palette of your design brief. Jus let me know what you are looking for and I can provide the right art for your amazing design. Please feel free to contact me today with your requirements. Have a look through my galleries and let me know what art you want and what size and we can work out the final details together. Thank you.

Notice how I have matched the frame choice to the cushion and the photograph was specifically chosen with rustic tones to match the decor of the room exactly. Tailored to maximise the ambiance of the interior design. 

Room 1.jpg


Our aim is to get the artwork exactly the tone and colour you require for your interior design brief. Our artwork is made to order to your very specific needs. We know only too well how art sells a home and brings value and warmth to any room helping to create mood and style to your design. The first 2 examples below shows how we can go for a bold statement in the first image or a more subtle look in the second image. These images below are from our abstract range of fine art images.

wall art 1_edited-13jpg.jpg
wall art 1_edited-14jpg.jpg

Interior & Architectural Photography Service

Not only can I supply Fine Art to Interior Designers, I can also photograph room layouts of your designs for your portfolio and your clients. Below is a photograph of my art work on the walls as are al the other art pieces in all photos above. Please email me in the contact form on my Contact Page with your requirement and we can discuss your requirements over Skype or Zoom.

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