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I shoot for the wall. Every room deserves great wall art. For that high end finish my fine art is usually printed large to make a bold statement in any room. Many of my artworks end up over seas as well as here in the UK.
 I create photographic art as well as painting acrylic and watercolours. I am less of a photographer more an artist that uses cameras as tools like paint brushes to create my art. A Fine Art Photographer or an Art Photographer. I create acrylic, metal and fine art paper prints in both a minimalist modern style and also a more rustic traditional printing and framed artworks.

I created my very own art gallery called Simon Barnes Gallery where I exhibit my work for you to view. To buy my work I prefer you to email me so I can tailor my artwork to your specific requirements exactly and also it helps you get to know me as the artist you are buying from for that one to one personal service.
Call today for a quote.
SIMON BARNES Portrait ART riven W.jpg

Our portraits come in many sizes starting from 18x12 inches up to 40x30 inches. For prices of sizes please email me directly. We also produce frameless acrylics for that minimal look. Contact me today for information.


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